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  • Demand an independent investigation of Donald Trump!

    These are extraordinary times. The very foundations of our democracy are being tested, and no one else is going to save us. It’s up to us, Americans driven by our values, not our political party, to stand up and demand the truth.  Now that President Trump has fired the only nonpartisan figure investigating his ties to Russia’s election hacking - FBI Director James Comey the American people deserve a fully independent investigation.  But the only way we’ll get one is if we stand up and fight back.
    The future and integrity of our democracy and, indeed our nation’s security, are at stake. We must have a fully independent investigation of Donald Trump.

    Sign the petition to demand an independent investigation of the growing scandals surrounding Donald Trump.

  • Tell the Media: War is not entertainment

    When U.S. presidents order military action, the American people need and deserve a strong, vibrant, and independent news media, one that not only challenges the assumptions that lead us to war, but also one that holds our leaders accountable for the way in which they are conducted.

    When President Trump illegally launched military strikes on Syria, and later, when the U.S. military dropped one of the largest conventional weapons in its arsenal on a target in Afghanistan, we witnessed some of the most irresponsible and reckless coverage from the corporate media since they helped President Bush launch the Iraq war.

    War is not entertainment. But the media is glorifying Donald Trump’s warmaking, and it’s time we make them stop.

  • Tell the Senate: Hate Has No Place in the Army

    Donald Trump’s nominee for the Secretary of the Army, Tennessee State Senator Mark Green, has built a political career on hate directed at LGBTQ people, women, Muslims, immigrants and refugees. His nomination is an attack on our values as Americans, and our shared belief that all people are deserving of equality, dignity, respect, and tolerance. Our soldiers and our nation deserve a leader who will move us forward, not backward and who will unite us, not divide us.

    Please join us in asking the Senate to do everything in their power to block the confirmation of Mark Green as Secretary of the Army.

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  • Tell Congress: Cancel vacation to debate and vote on Trump’s new war

    We must reject the false choice that says “accountability” in Syria can only be found at the tip of an American bomb. Before any more American bombs fall, Congress must debate and vote on Donald Trump’s new war in Syria.

    Please add your name to this emergency petition calling for Congress to act.

  • Stop Donald Trump’s March to War!

    Ever since Donald Trump took office, America’s war machine has kicked into overdrive. The President, who ran claiming to be against America’s wars in the Middle East, is now overseeing a massive increase in America’s wars in the Middle East.

    That’s why it’s time to demand that the President’s chief defense advisor come clean to the American public about Donald Trump’s plans for war. Please take 30 seconds to join us in demanding the Secretary of Defense James Mattis publicly explain Donald Trump’s war plans in the Middle East to the American public.

  • Tell Congress you don’t want US ground troops in Syria

    President Trump has already sent 500 Marines to Syria and is reportedly considering sending 1,000 more American men and women in uniform into the midst of the world's deadliest war. Sending ground troops into Syria would have tragic consequences. Not only will we be risking the lives of American military personnel, but we will also be risking a military confrontation with Russia who operates actively across Syria, all while worsening the 6 year old Syrian civil war. Putting US troops on the ground in Syria will also fan the flames of violent extremism while putting the men and women of our military in harms way as a target for terrorist attacks.

    Ask your Representative to stand with Representative Barbara Lee and support H.R. 1473 and resist efforts to put ground troops into Syria.

  • President Trump and Members of Congress: Stop the deployment of U.S. ground troops to Syria

  • Tell Congress to reject Trump's insecurity budget

    Despite his rhetoric about protecting America, Donald Trump’s budget would slash vital investments that make our country safe and strong. Tell your Members of Congress to reject this budget proposal.

  • Tell your Senator to Stop Steve Bannon

    Steve Bannon is a white nationalist with dangerous views on America’s role in the world. We cannot risk having him on the National Security Council. Tell your Senators to cosponsor the Strengthening Oversight of National Security Act of 2017, removing Steve Bannon from the NSC and ensuring only Senate confirmed Administration officials can serve on this important committee.

  • This is not who we are

    Donald Trump is about to sign an Executive Order slamming shut America’s doors to those most in need and ending America’s commitment to religious freedom. These new orders — banning Muslims and halting all refugee resettlement — take the first step in the Trump Administration’s agenda to criminalize faith, nationality, and people of color. This agenda flies in the face of the American values that have defined us for more than two centuries.

    That’s why we’re partnering with the amazing folks at MPower Change and others to demand Congress reject Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

    To the Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives:

  • Tell your Senators to stop Rex Tillerson's confirmation

    Rex Tillerson is the wrong choice for Secretary of State. America needs someone who is qualified and will put our interests first. Tell your Senators to oppose his nomination.

  • Tell Congress to Investigate the Pentagon Budget Study

    Last year the Pentagon received a report suggesting that it might rein in its massive spending with modest reforms that could save a whopping $125 billion. Haven’t heard about this study? That’s probably because the Pentagon buried the report in order to keep crying poverty and pushing for more of your tax dollars.

    This is unacceptable, but it’s sadly business as usual for the world’s largest bureaucracy. Let’s be clear: every dollar wasted at the Pentagon — whether it is a bloated back office or boondoggle weapons that never work — is a dollar not spent rebuilding America. When the Pentagon chooses to ignore potential savings, they’re putting their own bureaucratic interests ahead of our national interests and that has to stop.

    Luckily, we can do something about it. The Pentagon’s wasteful ways have gone on for years because of a simple fact, Congress lets them get away with it. That’s why we need to demand that Congress fully investigate this latest scandal and force the Pentagon to come clean about any and all potential cost savings they may be hiding. With Congress debating right now what hearings and investigations to launch in the new year, now is the time to demand your representatives in Congress take action!

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  • Say no to hate in the White House

    Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist to the White House is a dangerous move that not only legitimizes hatred, it makes our country less safe. Steve Bannon proudly claims that his website is a platform for the alt-right - an extreme conservative movement that embraces white nationalist elements. A key component of Breitbart News’ editorial strategy is consistently demonizing Muslims, women, LGBTQIA+ communities and refugees. This is unacceptable. A man like this who peddles hatred and conspiracy theories should not have the ear of the president and should not be crafting policy for our nation.

    Please join us in asking Congress to do everything in their power to block the appointment of Steve Bannon.

  • Add your name to our Pledge of Resistance!

    It’s time to start fighting back.

    The election is over, and we now know what’s coming. The next four years will feature a President who has promised to bring back torture, murder the families of terror suspects, close America’s doors to those fleeing war, put us back on the path to war with Iran, militarize our police even more than they already are, and waste more money at the Pentagon then ever before. And he’s got a Congress that’s going to help him do it.

    Our only choice is to fight back!

  • Demand a plan from the Presidential candidates to end the endless war in Afghanistan

    2016 marks the 15th year that the United States has had troops in Afghanistan. Ask the Presidential candidates to release a plan and timetable detailing when how and when they will end America’s longest war.

  • Tell Congress to support a no-first-use policy

    America has thousands of nuclear weapons, each one capable of destroying an entire city and killing millions of people. Knowing that the likely outcome of launching our nuclear weapons is global annihilation, it would be insanity for America to ever start a nuclear war. And right now, President Obama is considering turning that simple truth into official government policy.

    As President Obama prepares to leave office he is considering adopting what is known as a ‘no-first-use’ policy, essentially declaring that the US will never be the first party in a conflict to use nuclear weapons. This simple and clear position would actually have pretty a big impact by reducing the risk of miscalculations leading to nuclear war, increasing the global perception that helps keep nuclear weapons from being used, and minimizing the need for expensive and unnecessary ‘first-strike’ weapons in America’s arsenal.

    But President Obama is under intense pressure to stick with the status quo and not make this important change. Thankfully, progressive champions in Congress, led by Reps. Barbara Lee, are leading an effort to support the President and push for a ‘no-first-use’ policy. But they need our help in rallying more of their colleagues to join them in speaking out!

  • Tell Congress: Stop the deadly Saudi arms deal

    They were simply trying to go to school ― an effort at normalcy amidst a war that has raged for more than year ― when the bombs fell on their classroom. It was just the latest horror in more than a year of Saudi airstrikes in Yemen that have seen schools, hospitals, and numerous other civilian targets bombed. Now, with international condemnation growing by the day, the United States is on the verge of rewarding Saudi Arabia’s carnage with a massive, $1.15 billion sale of tanks and other deadly weapons.

    Thankfully, we can do something about this dangerous decision. In the US, Congress has the chance to veto weapons sales to foreign governments like this one. So far, a few brave voices like Sen. Chris Murphy, Rep. Ted Lieu, and others are speaking out and leading a fight to kill this deadly arms sale.

    But they need our help. We need to let Congress know that enough Yemeni blood is on our hands, that we cannot continue to sell weapons to a country that is putting them to use right now to kill innocent civilians. If enough of us speak up, Congress can stop this deal and we can stop fueling the war in Yemen and start pushing for peace instead.

    Email your Members of Congress right now and tell them to stop the deadly Saudi arms deal!

    We have provided a sample message, but please feel free to edit the draft to add your own personalized message to your Representative and Senators.

  • Tell Congress: Stop the deadly Saudi arms deal

    In recent months Saudi Arabia, with the support of the United States, has unleashed a vicious war against the people of Yemen that has resulted in the deaths of 3,704 civilians, including 1,121 children. Yet even with international outcry growing about these terrible attacks, the US has decided to reward Saudi Arabia with a new $1.15 billion sale of tanks and other destructive weapons.

    We cannot let this happen.

    Congress can stop this sale, but they won’t do it unless they hear from you. Without American support the bombing campaign would not be possible.

    Email your Members of Congress NOW and demand to stop the sale of an additional $1.15 billion arms to Saudi Arabia!

    We have provided a sample message, but please feel free to edit the draft to add your own personalized message to your Representative and Senators.

  • Ask President Obama to #SaveAleppo!

    “We do not need tears or sympathy or even prayers, we need your action.”

    That was the simple plea from 15 doctors in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo to President Obama. They are some of the last remaining doctors in a city which has seen dozens of attacks on its hospitals in the past month alone. Their words are a call to our President to do something to help, and the question is will we echo them or ignore them.

    There’s no mistaking the horrors of the Syrian civil war. We know the stories of brutal atrocities and we’ve watched as the death toll climbed into the hundreds of thousands. Now, Syria’s second largest city is on the verge of one of the greatest humanitarian disasters yet, and its doctors are asking for our help.

    We know that President Obama cannot stop this war by himself, nor can America somehow bomb its way to peace in Syria. Yet, there is more that we can - and must - do to answer these brave Syrian doctors’ call. We know the President has seen this open letter and is debating how to respond right now. Let’s show him that he has our back to go big and push hard, right now, for lifesaving, humanitarian relief to the besieged citizens of Aleppo and other Syrian cities.

    Please add your name and ask President Obama to #SaveAleppo!

  • President Obama, suspend all military operations in Syria until we investigate and evaluate the impacts of our policies.

    Earlier this week dozens of Syrian civilians were killed in US-led airstrikes near the city of Manbij. This is not only a tragic loss of innocent life, but it also endangers US interests in the region and provides a powerful recruitment tool for terrorist groups like ISIS. Because of the civilian casualties, Syrian opposition groups have asked the US to suspend airstrikes.

    To make matters worse, reports indicate that recently, a group of Syrian rebels that had been previously armed by America committed a brutal atrocity, beheading a young boy they had captured. This type of brutality calls into question the alleged ‘vetting’ these groups have gone through before they are given deadly weapons, purchased by American taxpayers.

    While Syria remains engulfed in a prolonged civil war, punctuated by the brutal atrocities of ISIS and President Assad, we cannot bring peace or combat terrorism if we create more suffering for innocent people caught in the crossfire. American bombs cannot stop Assad and ISIS’ atrocities, and when those bombs kill civilians, they add fuel to the fires of war, driving recruits to ISIS and rallying support to Assad.

    As Americans, these bombings and the arming of rebels are being done in our name with our tax dollars. These shocking events – the killing of innocent civilians and the atrocities of militants we armed – warrant an immediate halt to all military operations in Syria. President Obama, we are calling on you to order an immediate cessation of American military action in Syria in order to enable a thorough investigation of the dangers posed by our actions and an evaluation of safeguards to protect against the killing of civilians and support for forces that may commit war crimes.

    Please sign and ask President Obama to halt operations in Syria until a thorough investigation and evaluation of US actions in the region is completed.

  • Send the President a message asking him to finally put forward a plan for peace in Afghanistan!

    Yesterday, President Obama announced that America’s longest war is going to last a little longer. After 15 years of fighting, yesterday’s announcement means that thousands of America’s men and women in uniform will remain in Afghanistan, fighting a war that has no military solution. It’s time to stop trying to bomb our way to peace in Afghanistan.

    We have pre-filled a message below for you, but please feel free to edit the message and add your own thoughts about the endless war in Afghanistan.

  • Thank you President Obama for preventing a war with Iran!

    The same special interests you helped defeat a year ago are now fighting once again to try and get Congress to undermine the Iran nuclear deal. This would put us right back on the path to war with Iran. We simply cannot let them destroy this historic victory.

  • We will not be divided

    He walked into a nightclub with hate in his heart. His goal was death, and, aided by a weapon of war, he killed and wounded more than 100 of our brothers and sisters. Now, out of that tragedy, some are trying to score political points by spewing hatred and fear. We cannot and will not let them divide us.

    The attacks in Orlando were the deadliest attack on American soil in 15 years, but, sadly, they are only the latest in a series of violent outbursts we’ve seen around the world. In the days and weeks ahead, there will be many policy questions that need answering. How can we get weapons of war off of our streets? And how can we bring peace and security while remaining true to our values and not sacrificing our civil rights?

    But right now, we must stand together, shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity against hatred and division.

    Add your name to our pledge of solidarity, a commitment to meet hatred with love, to meet violence with peace:

  • Stand up for a public debate in Congress on war!

     For nearly two years, Congress has refused to vote on or even debate America's war in Iraq and Syria. Now the legality of that war is being challenged in a new lawsuit. Our founders put the power to go to declare war firmly in the hands of Congress. Doing so is the only way to ensure that the American people can have our voice heard in deciding when and where our nation goes to war. 

  • Urge President Obama to Make History

    President Obama has the chance to make history by becoming the first U.S. President to visit nuclear ground zero at Hiroshima when he is in Japan during the G7 Summit on May 26 and 27.

    By visiting Hiroshima, President Obama can provide a reminder unlike any other that nuclear weapons pose a threat to global peace and security. But he can’t stop there. He can and must take concrete steps during his waning days in office to reduce the threat posed by nuclear weapons.

  • #WithSyria

    Please ask your Representative to stand up for our values and against those who would slam the door on innocent refugees.

  • Stand up for Peace and Security

    Please urge your Representative to support the People's Budget today.

  • Help Obama Close Guantanamo

    Write to your legislators today and support President Obama's plan to close Gitmo.

  • Oppose Wasteful Pentagon Spending

    Write to Congress and demand an end to wasteful spending at the Pentagon.

  • President Obama: End Endless War

    Tell President Obama to keep his promise and end the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

  • Tell the Senate: Stand with Refugees

    Please ask your Senators to stand up for our values and against those who would slam the door on innocent refugees. 

  • Send an Email to Help Syria

    Email Congress to support diplomacy. Only the negotiating table can bring peace to Syria.

  • Email Congress and Help Syria's Refugees

    Ask your Senators to cosponsor S.2145 to provide refuge for Syria's refugees.

  • Email Congress: Oppose Wasteful Pentagon Spending

    Email your Senators and ask them to reject the Pentagon’s budget gimmicks and make a deal that responsibly funds vital domestic investments instead.

  • Tell Congress: Support Diplomacy!

    After two years of tough negotiations, we've come too far to let war hawks snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Tell Congress to support the imminent Iran deal and keep America off the path to war.

  • Congress Should Support the Iran Deal

    We've come too far to let Congress snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Tell Congress to support the Iran deal and keep America off the path to war.

  • Stand Up Against Mission Creep in Iraq!

    Two veterans in Congress, Reps. Gallego (D-AZ) and Takai (D-HI), are standing up against the escalation of the war in Iraq.

    Please urge your Representative to sign the Gallego-Takai letter today.

  • Tell Congress to Debate and Reject Endless War

    Please urge your Representative to support H.Con.Res.55, a resolution that would force the House to vote on U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Syria.

  • 151 Members of Congress Support Diplomacy with Iran!

    151 Democrats recently sent a letter to President Obama supporting diplomacy with Iran (see the full list here). The pro-diplomacy letter demonstrates strong support for these negotiations in Congress and makes clear that Democrats do not want to see us march to war.

    As we get closer to June 30th deadline for a final deal, pro-war lobby groups are going to increase the pressure on Congress to undermine diplomacy. That’s why it’s important to show Members of Congress that we have their backs.

    Our Thank You card to the 151 signers reads:

  • Sunset the Patriot Act!

    Americans were outraged to learn that the NSA has been spying on all of us. But Congress is on the verge of reauthorizing some of the worst parts of the PATRIOT Act. Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act — that's the authority that the NSA exploits to collect data about almost all of our phone calls — expires on June 1st.

    Congress is trying extend it: Help us fight back! Our petition to the U.S. Senate reads:

  • Reject the Pentagon's Slush Fund!

    Lawmakers are threatening to slash funding for nearly every vital domestic investment while shoveling nearly $40 billion into a massive slush fund at the Pentagon known as the Overseas Contingency Operations Account (OCO). While our national security is vitally important, the OCO slush fund will now be nearly $90 billion, on top of the $499 billion the Pentagon already gets in its regular budget. It’s time to invest in our future by rejecting the Pentagon's slush fund and restoring vital domestic funding.

    Please sign our petition to Congress today. It reads:

  • Your Representative is on the wrong side of history

    Your Representative was one of just a handful of Democrats who refused to sign an important letter supporting diplomacy with Iran.

    Please take one minute to ask your Representative why they chose to stand with war hawks instead of standing up for diplomacy.

  • Thank Your Representative for Supporting Diplomacy

    Your Representative was one of 150 Democrats who signed an important letter in support of diplomacy with Iran.

    Please take one minute to say “thank you for standing up for diplomacy – not war – with Iran.”

  • Email Congress: Slash Funding for War

    Each year the Pentagon receives billions of dollars outside of its regular budget through its own slush fund. The House is proposing to put $92 billion in that slush fund for FY16; the Senate is advocating for $89 billion. These numbers are a significant increase above the current year's fund of $64 billion. More importantly, they are tens of billions of dollars more than what experts estimate that the actual costs of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria will be. Those tens of billions of wasteful spending in this massive slush fund are tax dollars not available to pay for progressive foreign policy priorities like negotiations with Iran.

    Ask your legislators to reject the “OCO” budget gimmick and to prioritize funding for diplomacy, not war.

  • A Budget for the People

    Congress will vote on budget proposals as early as next week – so contact your Representative TODAY and ask him or her to vote for the People’s Budget.

  • No War With Iran

    On April 2, the P5+1 and Iran announced that they had agreed to a framework for a comprehensive nuclear agreement.

    With this framework, we are on the verge of a historic agreement that would solve one of America’s greatest security threats without dropping a single bomb, and one of the only things standing in the way is the United States Congress. The international community has come together to pursue diplomacy with Iran and we cannot let hardliners in Congress snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by killing a deal.

    That’s why we need you to tell Congress to support diplomacy – not war – with Iran!

    The United States, our international partners, and Iran are on the verge of a historic agreement that would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, avoid a disastrous war of choice in the Middle East, and make the world significantly safer.

    These talks are the culmination of years of tough diplomacy and represent the only realistic possibility of addressing concerns about Iran’s nuclear weapon. If a deal is reached, it will put Iran’s nuclear program under lock and key with intrusive inspections that will keep an eye on Iran to ensure compliance. These talks build on a successful interim agreement that has frozen – and in key ways rolled back – Iran’s nuclear program.

    The alternative to diplomacy is likely war, and that’s precisely what hardliners both in the United States are rooting for. The very same people who pushed America into the Iraq War are trying to push us back towards a war with Iran. Such a war would not only be immensely costly – larger than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined – but it would make Iran more likely to ultimately dash for a nuclear weapon.

    We cannot let that happen.

    Please join us in fighting for a safer world by supporting diplomacy – not war – with Iran!

  • End Endless War in Afghanistan!

    Please tell President Obama to end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home:

  • Stand Up Against Wasteful Pentagon Spending

    Please take a minute to write to your Representative and demand an end to wasteful spending at the Pentagon.

  • End Endless War in Afghanistan!

    Please tell President Obama to end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home!

  • Reject Worldwide War!

    President Obama just sent a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to Congress. This broad declaration of war would further drag the U.S. back into another bloody and expensive war in the Middle East. Please urge Congress to oppose the declaration of worldwide war.

  • Stand up against the Largest War Budget Ever

    President Obama just asked Congress to approve $585.2 billion for the Pentagon in 2016, making this the largest Pentagon spending request in U.S. history.

    After years of prioritizing military intervention, tell Congress that it's time to focus on nation building here at home.

  • Stop Congress from Rushing to War with Iran!

    War hawks in Congress are scheming to blow up talks with Iran. Please take one minute to contact your Senators and ask them to support diplomacy, not war, with Iran.

  • President Obama: End Endless War!

    This new year, let's build a more peaceful world.

    Please tell President Obama to end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home!

    Petition text:

  • We have a deal!

    After a year of tough negotiations, the U.S., our allies, and Iran have reached a historic, comprehensive deal to verifiably cut off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon without resorting to war!

    Tell Congress to support this nuclear agreement and keep America off the path to war.

  • Talks Extended: Let Diplomacy Work!

    The U.S., our allies, and Iran announced that they are close to reaching a comprehensive agreement that would prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and avert a disastrous war of choice in the Middle East, but need a bit more time to work out the details.

    Please write to your Members of Congress and ask them to support continued negotiations.

  • Email Congress: War Isn't Working!

    It's not too late to stop our latest war in Iraq and Syria before it becomes even more of a quagmire. Please write to your elected officials, then forward their responses to or fill out this form so we know where they stand.

    Tell Congress: Vote against the authorization of war in Iraq and Syria!

  • No blank check for war in Iraq and Syria!

    The Congressional Progressive Caucus has introduced a resolution urging Congress to vote on our latest war in Iraq and Syria.

    Urge your member of Congress to sign on to the resolution, and then vote to oppose the war.

  • Let Diplomacy Work with Iran!

    One month from now, we could be celebrating a historic nuclear deal with Iran. This is our chance to solve one of America’s greatest security concerns without dropping a single bomb. But that's not stopping some in Congress from trying to kill the deal before its even finalized.
    A deal with Iran is within reach, but time is short.

    Please urge your Members of Congress to support this historic opportunity.

  • Tell Congress to Stop the War in Iraq and Syria

    It's not too late to stop our latest war in Iraq and Syria before it becomes even more of a quagmire. Please write to your elected officials, then forward their responses to or fill out this form so we know where they stand.

    Tell Congress: Demand a vote on our latest war in the Middle East, then vote 'no' and stop the rush to war.

  • Bring Them Home, Now!

    October 7 marks the 13th anniversary of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, our longest war.

    Make your voice heard: Tell President Obama that it’s time to end our endless war in Afghanistan!

  • Afghanistan 13th Anniversary

    October 7 marks the 13th anniversary of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, our longest war.

    Make your voice heard: Tell President Obama that it’s time to end our endless war in Afghanistan!

  • Syria and Iraq: Stop the Bombs!

    With military action underway in both Syria and Iraq, Members of Congress are under pressure to support a new war in the Middle East. Now, more than ever, decision makers need to hear that war is not the answer. Tell them that we want the U.S. to halt military action and pursue alternatives to address the threat of ISIS and to end the ongoing civil war in Syria.

  • (No Title)

    The U.S. is racing down a slippery slope toward war in Iraq and Syria. Over the past two weeks, the U.S. has conducted more than 100 airstrikes in Iraq. We now have approximately 1,000 troops on the ground, with more on their way. What started out as an understandable humanitarian mission to assist the Yazidis has grown into a long-term bombing campaign that threatens to spill across the border into Syria. Despite this creeping mission, the White House has yet to explain how this escalation will help solve the regional crisis.

    The U.S. should not bomb Syria or launch additional airstrikes in Iraq!

  • Help bring our tax dollars home from Afghanistan!

    Over the last decade, the U.S. has spent $104 Billion trying and failing to rebuild Afghanistan. In a troubling comparison, the U.S. spent $103 Billion (in today’s dollars) rebuilding Europe through the Marshall Plan after World War II.

    Imagine what we could have built here at home with $104 Billion.
    Before we throw good money after bad, we need to change our priorities and reinvest in our own nation.

  • Let Diplomacy Work with Iran!

    The next few days are crucial for peace and diplomacy with Iran. International negotiations over Iran's nuclear program are still underway in Vienna, with the self-imposed deadline of July 20 fast approaching to reach a deal or to agree to extend the talks. That's this Sunday.

    Tell Congress: Let diplomacy work with Iran!

    Diplomacy has a real chance of achieving a historic deal that would prevent a nuclear armed Iran and avert a disastrous war of choice in the Middle East. But some lawmakers like Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC)—notorious for beating the drums of war—are already declaring the diplomatic talks a failure and working to make that a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    That's where you come in. Last winter, you helped generate over one million actions in support of diplomacy with Iran - and won a huge victory when Congress backed off new sanctions that threatened to kill the talks before they even started. It's time to do it again. During the next few days, it's important for Congress to hear strong support from the people they represent for continued diplomacy with Iran in order to stand up to war hawks like McCain and Graham who are trying to micromanage U.S. diplomats' sensitive negotiations from afar with unrealistic demands that nuclear nonproliferation experts call "deal-killers."

    Please email Congress and explain, "As your constituent, I urge you to support continued diplomacy with Iran. Let diplomacy work with Iran and keep America off the path to war."

    The reality is that any deal was always going to be hard work. (That's why the temporary framework that the Vienna negotiators are working under has the built-in option to extend the diplomatic talks.) In recognition of that reality, Congress should be persistently working towards a deal with Iran—not pushing unwise proposals like new crippling sanctions that may sound tough but would undermine both America's long-term interests and peace in the region.

    We've come too far to let Congress throw the diplomatic talks off course. There's too much at stake.
    Tell Congress to let diplomacy work in Iran and keep America off the path to war.

  • Breaking: House Members to Force Iraq War Vote!

    The current situation in Iraq has grabbed the nation’s attention, and President Obama has already deployed around 750 American troops to Iraq in response to the crisis. While some of these troops were understandably sent to protect our embassy, hundreds were sent as 'advisers’ to the Iraqi security forces. The American public has been clear: the Iraq War was a mistake and we don't want to send our troops back into the middle of a civil war. As more and more Americans are sent into harms way in Iraq, Congress needs to hear from you!

    Help stop the march to war: email your Representative today!

    Thankfully, Reps. Jim McGovern (D-MA), Walter Jones (R-NC), and Barbara Lee (D-CA) have introduced legislation to force a debate and vote on this buildup of U.S. troops in Iraq. Today, these champions for peace introduced H Con Res 105, which would invoke the War Powers Resolution, and, if passed, would bring home the American advisers and prevent any further military intervention in Iraq. While the resolution would allow for the U.S. to continue protecting its embassy and diplomatic personnel, it would be a crucial step in preventing America from sliding back to war in Iraq.

    Please take two minutes to ask your Representative to cosponsor the bipartisan resolution!

    Washington is once again full of hawks banging the drums of war. Just today,
    Dick Cheney penned an op-ed defending the Iraq War and calling for new airstrikes and boots on the ground. You would think that after costing nearly 4,500 Americans their lives, wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars, and having been exposed for selling the Iraq War on lies, no one would bother listening to Cheney anymore. But sadly, many Members of Congress are ready to do just that. That is why your voice is so important. We weren't able to stop Cheney in 2003, but, if we speak up now, we can stop him before we repeat the same mistakes again!

    Make your voice heard: Urge your Representative to cosponsor the Iraq War Powers Resolution!

    The situation in Iraq is difficult as the nation continues to be roiled in a complex sectarian crisis. But the solution is not American bombs or troops. Help make clear that America will not go back to war in Iraq by asking your Representative to cosponsor this important resolution.

  • Stop the rush to bomb Iraq! Demand a vote before any bombs fall!

    The current situation in Iraq has grabbed the nation’s attention, and President Obama has already deployed U.S. military assets in response to the crisis. The President has also suggested that the U.S. military may take further action, such as drones or airstrikes. Many reports have also suggested that, unlike in the case of Syria last fall, the President may not seek authorization from Congress before bombing Iraq.


    Help stop the rush to war: email your Representative today!


    Thankfully, Representatives Scott Rigell (R-VA) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) have initiated a bipartisan letter to President Obama on Iraq. Their letter calls on the President to respect the Constitutional requirement to come to Congress for authorization before using military force. The founding fathers gave Congress, not the President, the power to send our nation to war precisely because they represent us. If Congress is cut out of the decision to go to war in Iraq, the American people are cut out too. Before we rush back into war in Iraq, we deserve to have our voices heard!

    Urge your Representative to sign the Rigell-Lee letter and stop the rush to war!


    Our best tool to stop this rush to war is to press President Obama to come to Congress for authorization before using military force, as required by the U.S. Constitution. Demanding that the President come to Congress for authorization was essential to stopping the U.S. from going to war in Syria last year. We stopped American bombs from falling in Syria, and we can stop them from falling in Iraq too. But only if we're given a voice in the debate and Congress gets to have a vote.


    Please take two minutes to ask your Representative to sign the Rigell-Lee letter.

  • (No Title)

    Written by Iraq War Veteran Matthew Hoh.

    Fallujah. Mosul. Baghdad.

    Hearing these names again sends a chill down my spine. As a Marine who served in Iraq, I know well the bloody costs paid by Americans and by Iraqis in these, and so many other cities over the past decade. I have friends who to this day remain on the front lines of a sectarian conflict that is tearing their homeland apart. And I am saddened to see the renewed and growing violence once again gripping Iraq.

    But I also know that the solution to the chaos in Iraq is not another American military intervention. The President was right to end the Iraq War in 2011, and it would be a tremendous mistake to restart it now.

    The United States and Iraq have already paid dearly for George W. Bush’s disastrous decision to launch the Iraq War. With Iraq once again descending into violence, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past. No military intervention, whether the massive invasion of 2003 or the limited airstrikes some are calling for today, will solve the deep and complex challenges Iraq is facing. Iraq’s problems can only be solved by Iraqis, not American bombs. Launching another military intervention in Iraq would only throw more fuel on a fire that is raging. Even worse, it would once again risk American lives in a fight that is not ours and that we cannot win.

    Over the past few days, the news has been filled with stories of a swift insurgent advance through northern Iraq. Sunni militants, under the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), have taken over city after city in northern Iraq. These militants, fresh from the fight in neighboring Syria, have made dramatic progress, capturing American-made weapons and supplies left behind by the fleeing Iraqi security forces. Their advance is fueled in no small part by the repressive sectarian policies of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. The situation may get worse before it gets better, but one thing is clear, American bombs are not the solution.

    Even more chilling than watching the violence in Iraq is listening to the pundits here at home. The very same men and women who lied to the American public and sent thousands of my fellow men and women in uniform to their deaths are now leading the charge for another military intervention. Many of these men should be in jail; none of them should be listened to.

    If my friends in Iraq are to ever find peace, if their children and their grandchildren have any chance of growing up without the butchery of beheading knives and the carnage of car bombs, peace will come through negotiation and settlement, as it briefly did post-2007, and not through an American strategy of choosing sides, choosing winners and losers, and indulging in the self-satisfactory, self-indulgent, guilt erasing, yet illusory, medication of bombing. 

  • Bring Them Home, Now!

    Almost 5 years ago, I resigned from the State Department over America's failing war in Afghanistan. As a veteran of the Iraq War, I failed to see either the value or the worth in continuing to risk America’s blood and treasure on continuing America’s longest war. Today, after President Obama announced this week that nearly 10,000 troops will remain in Afghanistan next year and many won’t be home until 2017, I am left with the exact same feeling.

    It's long past time to say enough is enough. It's time to bring all our troops home, now.

    By continuing the war for more than two more years, these plans ignore the simple truth that there is no military solution to the challenges that remain in Afghanistan. There is nothing that 10,000 troops will do in two years that 100,000 could not do in the past 13.

    The U.S. war in Afghanistan, now in its 13th year, has cost our nation dearly. More than 2,300 Americans – over 1,600 alone since I resigned in 2009 – and tens of thousands of Afghans have lost their lives. Many, many more have been wounded and will bear the scars of battle for decades to come. Like the Iraq War, Afghanistan has been financed on our nation’s credit card, adding nearly $800 billion to our debt, with billions more to come. And yet the war is not yet over.

    The U.S. intervened in Afghanistan after the attacks on September 11. Al Qaeda's leadership was driven from Afghanistan more than a decade ago, and Osama bin Laden has been dead for more than three years. Yet the war drags on. Our men and women in uniform have done everything asked of them, and now they deserve to come home. As President Obama has said himself, a lasting solution to nearly four decades of conflict in Afghanistan will depend on Afghans and their neighbors reaching political settlement, not U.S. military personnel.

    While the President has once again pledged to continue winding down the war, there is no reason to wait two-and-a-half more years for an end that can come in a matter of weeks. Americans have made it clear time and time again that they want our troops to come home, now. But Washington is full of voices that want to keep fighting for years to come. After the President’s announcement, Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte, decried the President’s plan as a ‘monumental mistake’ for refusing to keep the war going, bemoaning the President’s ‘arbitrary date.’ For some, even 15 years of war in Afghanistan isn’t enough.

    We have to answer back and say enough is enough. If progressives don’t stand up and demand we bring our troops home now, no one will. Together, we can stand up and say that two more years of war is two years too many.

    Join me in telling President Obama to end the war in Afghanistan, now.

    Thank you for working for peace,

    Matthew Hoh and the Win Without War team

  • Should the U.S. keep troops in Afghanistan? Who should decide?

    After nearly 13 years in Afghanistan, the future of America’s longest war remains uncertain. While the Afghan public has been given ample opportunity to weigh in on the future of U.S. troops in Afghanistan through their parliament, the American public has been given no such opportunity through Congress. The American people deserve a say on whether or not our troops should fight for years to come.

    Tell Congress: We deserve a say in the future of America’s longest war!

    Thankfully, three members of Congress are standing up for the American people. Reps. McGovern (D-MA), Jones (R-NC), and Smith (D-WA) have introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would require Congress to debate and vote on any U.S. military presence in Afghanistan after this year. Congress must be given the chance to vote on any post-2014 mission in Afghanistan, and this important amendment would ensure that happens.

    Ask your Member of Congress to help end the war in Afghanistan.

    It is unconscionable to rest the deployment of thousands of American troops until perhaps 2024 on an authority granted by Congress more then a decade ago and less than 72 hours after the attacks of 9/11. Congress – and, through them, the American public – deserve to have their voice heard on this important decision. Polls show that around 75% of Americans want to bring U.S. troops home by the end of 2014, and Congress should heed their wish.

    Please take two minutes to email your Representative and say, “Support the bipartisan McGovern-Jones-Smith amendment.”

  • Tell Congress: End the Endless War!

    In 2001, Congress passed an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), launching over 13 years of U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and starting a worldwide, endless war. The AUMF is an overly broad, deeply concerning law that gives any President the authority to wage war at any time, in any place, for nearly any purpose. It has been used as the legal justification for 13 years of war in Afghanistan, the prison at Guantanamo Bay, indefinite detention, an expanding drone war, invasive spying on the American public, and the creation of a massive national security state. 

    It's time for Congress to end endless war by repealing the 2001 AUMF!

    Fortunately, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) has introduced the bipartisan War Authorization Review and Determination (WARD) Act that would end the blank check for endless war. As Rep. Lee declared, “The law allows for a state of perpetual war, which we cannot and must not sustain. Our troops, our nation, and our reputation around the world depend on it.” Rep. Lee was the sole courageous voice to warn against the dangers of the AUMF when she cast the only vote against it in 2001, and now she's leading the fight to finally turn the last page on George W. Bush's War on Terror. 

    Ask your Representative to stand with Rep. Lee and cosponsor the WARD Act today!

    In the past, war authorizations were sometimes left un-repealed once a war had ended, as Presidents could be trusted to come back to Congress if they thought new war authorities were needed. Unfortunately, the past 13 years have demonstrated that times have changed. From the drone war to mass surveillance of Americans, the danger of relying on the good faith of our leaders is self-evident. Congress can do the right thing, but they need to hear from you! 

    Tell Congress: End the Endless War! 

  • Tell the Senate to end the war in Afghanistan!

    The first American troops entered Afghanistan in October 2001. Thirteen years later, they are still there, and, if the Pentagon gets its way, they will be there for years to come. With no military solution to the challenges in Afghanistan, it's long past time to bring our troops home. 

    Tell the Senate to finally end the war in Afghanistan!

    Over the past 2 years, many of our men and women in uniform have come home from Afghanistan, and the President has promised to keep bringing them home in the months ahead. However, a debate is raging in Washington over how many troops will stay after the end of this year. So far the military has had a say - they want 10,000 to stay indefinitely - and the Afghans have weighed in, but one important group of people haven't had their voices heard - the American people. Thankfully, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) is fighting to let us have our say by demanding that Congress vote on any future US mission in Afghanistan. The U.S. Congress - representing you and me - should have more input over the fate of American troops than the Afghan parliament.

    Ask your Senators to cosponsor Senator Merkley’s resolution demanding a chance to say no to more war in Afghanistan!

    The last time Congress voted to authorize sending troops to Afghanistan was nearly 13 years ago. Sen. Merkley's common sense legislation would let Congress once again debate on whether or not American troops should be fighting and dying in Afghanistan. We need you to tell your Senator to help end the war in Afghanistan by cosponsoring S.Res.347. 

    Tell your Senators, it’s time to bring ALL our troops home from Afghanistan!

  • Shine a Light on the U.S. Drone War!

    Tell your Representative that we need the truth about drones!

    There’s been a huge discrepancy between what the US government has claimed publicly about drone strikes and the record of independent reporting. The Administration has claimed that drone strikes have “narrowly targeted top-level terrorist leaders” and that civilian casualties have been extremely rare. According to independent organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, civilian deaths have outnumbered deaths of “terrorist leaders.” Because of the secrecy of the program, the government has not been forced to account for the discrepancy between their claims and the record of independent reporting.

    Shine a light on the U.S. drone program: Email your Member of Congress today!

    At long last, two Members of Congress are trying to address this secrecy. Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) have introduced a bill that would require an annual report detailing casualties from drone strikes, and a retroactive report on the last five years. It sounds simple, but it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle we need in order to know the truth about the U.S. drone wars.

    Ask your Representative to cosponsor the bipartisan Schiff-Jones bill!

    Hiding this information isn’t necessary for our national security. President Obama has promised to be more open and transparent about the drone program, and now Congress needs to ensure he does just that. But Congress won't do it unless we make them. If we speak up now, we can show Congress that the public demands this information and won’t stay quiet until we get it. The U.S. drone wars are being waged in our names, and we have a right to know this basic information about what's happening.

    Please take two minutes to tell Congress it's time to shed some light on the U.S. drone wars.

  • The F-35 is a Bad Deal for America!

    The F-35 is the poster child for what's wrong in Washington. At an outrageous cost of $1.5 trillion, it is the most expensive weapon program the world has ever seen. Even worse, it doesn't work as intended and funnels money away from other priorities needed to fight 21st century threats and strengthen America. Yet Lockheed Martin – maker of the F-35 – is determined to protect its cash cow by pressuring Congress to keep the F-35 alive.

    Help us amplify our message to Washington: American taxpayers refuse to spend billions of dollars per year on the most wasteful program in the history of the military.

    Already, our voices are being heard in the halls of Congress. Over 105,000 activists have signed our petition on
    CREDO asking Congress to withdraw funding for the F-35 boondoggle. And, on March 26, the House Armed Services Committee held a budget hearing to question, in part, why the F-35 isn’t living up to its grand promises. You can bet that Lockheed Martin has its army of lobbyists on the Hill fighting to keep its record profits, so it’s critical that Congress hears from you.

    Tell Congress: Don’t throw good money after bad. The F-35 is a bad deal for America and needs to be cut.

  • Thank your representative for supporting diplomacy with Iran!

    Recently, 104 Members of Congress sent a letter to President Obama supporting diplomacy with Iran and opposing any congressional effort to sabotage the ongoing talks. These members, both Democrats and Republicans, join a host of Senators who have spoken out in favor of the ongoing negotiations that could resolve the long-standing dispute with Iran over its nuclear program. After 35 years of silence, the current negotiations with Iran are a huge step in the right direction and perhaps our last chance at avoiding another disastrous war in the Middle East.

    Help us thank your representative for standing up for peace!

  • Afghanistan

    Tell President Obama: Enough is enough! Bring all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan!

    Twelve years ago, the United States entered the war in Afghanistan. Today, as that war enters its 13th year, our troops are finally coming home. Yet, even as they do, the future of tens of thousands of additional American troops in Afghanistan remains unclear.

    Urge President Obama to fully end America’s longest war!

    In the past year, over 30,000 troops have come home from Afghanistan. While we are glad they're home, we remain concerned about the 30,000 men and women in uniform who face an uncertain future in Afghanistan. President Obama is reportedly making decisions right now about the future of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and he needs to hear from you!

    Take Action and tell President Obama it’s time to bring our troops and our tax dollars back home!

  • Tell Congress: Let Diplomacy Work!

    While Americans support the interim deal to halt Iran's nuclear program, some in Washington are gearing up to undermine diplomacy with Iran. Right now, your Representatives are hearing from powerful lobbyists asking them to support new sanctions or to pass a resolution on Iran. The White House has warned that such actions would violate and kill the Iran deal. That's why Congress needs to hear from you!

    Tell Congress: Support diplomacy with Iran!